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I’m at the computer this morning when the doorbell rings.  Unusual because the mailman was already here and I’m not expecting anybody.  I answer the door and this lady tries to hand me something with a picture of Jesus on it inviting me to some Christian discussion group.

She seemed a bit perplexed when I pleasantly informed her we would not attend.  I hope when I called out “good luck” after her it didn’t sound snarky.


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I was visiting an aunt the other day and we were joking about how certain family members are more “infused with the holy spirit” than most of us. Then she said that she herself isn’t sure she believes in god, but her strict Catholic upbringing puts enough fear into her that she can only go so far to say that she isn’t sure what she believes. Sort of hedging her bets. In some ways I wanted to pursue this topic of conversation, but on the other hand, it wasn’t surprising and I think out of all my family members, she is most like me and probably knows more about me than I realize.

At least I can talk freely with my in-laws, and I don’t edit myself when the kids are around. That’s one that may eventually catch up with me though. I can just imagine some conversation happening with the more religious in my family and having one darling child decide to announce that mom says there is no god. I think in some way it’s intentional my not editing so much around the kids. Eventually they will know what I believe (or don’t) and if it’s a big deal to them so be it, because it isn’t such a big deal to me anymore. Now that I’ve had more time of godless living and thinking, it’s not on my mind as often. Yet it’s entertaining to watch what goes on in the religious world and the ethical and moral gymnastics that are performed to rationalize or excuse a way of behaving. I guess my hypocrisy meter has gotten more fine tuned.

Eventually I’d like to post here more often. I really don’t care about readership or having the most popular blog. I did that before with a personal blog and you know what? It’s exhausting. If I want to do a brain dump I will, and if I come across something interesting or newsworthy that will be posted too. I am going to try to keep the focus on atheism and religion. In respect to my husband, I will try not to give away too much personal information about ourselves. I’m off to dust off and peruse my blogroll.

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