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The Amazing Subconscious

I had the weirdest dream last night.  I felt the need to share it because of the strange juxtaposition of symbolism in it.  Analyzing it could prove to be an entertaining distraction.

So here goes:

My parents & I are walking from the car to go into the church we went to while I was growing up.  Spilling into the parking lot is a gay pride parade/protest.  We enter church, which is quite crowded and try to find a seat.  The only seats available are in a pew that has a small hole in the floor beneath it.  In this hole I can see the glow of hot magma.  Being the one sitting nearly on top of this hole makes me supremely uncomfortable, even though there are other holes that people are sitting by, seemingly unbothered.  The priest starts talking/preaching about the homosexual agenda or something similarly close-minded and hateful.  My anxiety is such that I tell my parents I have to leave and they get up and we exit the church.  We are halfway through the parking lot when there is a great trembling coming from the church.  The bells are tolling randomly and it starts shaking so much it is separating from the foundation, yet nobody else is seen running out.  Suddenly the church tips onto it’s side and there is a lake of fire and lava underneath it threatening to swallow it whole.  I’m horrified at the number of people who are probably burning to death right that moment, but I know that it is too late for me to do anything to help.  Suddenly the lava churns and starts overflowing the foundation, carrying the church with it.  It is heading our direction fast…too fast.  Just as it is about to overtake us….

I wake up, heart racing and hyperventilating.  There was also the brief thought that any survivors would thank god for protecting them, but not question why he allowed the devastation in the first place.

I have not had such a vivid and strange dream in years.  It was very unsettling, and in the middle of the night, it was hard to shake the feeling that there was something important in all of that that I couldn’t quite grasp.


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