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So, I was out of town for the weekend and just got around to watching Real Time with Bill Maher from Friday, May 14.

I was interested to see what S.E. Cupp had to say since there seemed to be a bit of a buzz about her book and the fact that she was a guest.

My verdict?  S.E. Cupp is an idiot.  She may be earnest and have the strength of her convictions, but she’s an idiot.

The first alarm bell went off when she talked about Joy Behar saying that teaching creationism is child abuse.  Ms. Cupp goes on to say that this is ridiculous, creationism taught as an allegory* is not child abuse, completely disregarding the fact that those who wish to see creationism taught in school are not teaching it as an allegory, they are trying to teach it as a “factual” alternative to evolution, or Darwinism.  This, in my mind is nearing child abuse, it is teaching, with authority, something that is not factually true, and in fact cannot be studied, proven, or disproved.  If the schools in my area (which I pay about 1/3 of my taxes to) were to teach this garbage, you bet I would be vocal about it.

There is also the pesky little problem of creationism being only one viewpoint – the Christian one.  Once again, I would be first in line saying they need to also teach how the Flying Spaghetti Monster created the universe and touched us with his noodly appendage.

Ms. Cupp’s second attempt at defending her argument was saying the Israeli-Palestinian conflict was basically about land rights.

Ok, I’ll give you that, but she is ignoring the fact that religion is often used as justification for the escalation of violence.  This violence often starts with one faction trying to make a “land grab” in the name of religion.  Or in the case of the middle east, believing that the Jews were rightfully thrown out of the holy land, or that nobody can claim it until they are pious enough to deserve it.

It seems as though she already has a conclusion and she is trying to massage facts to back it up, instead of amassing and analyzing data, and then coming to a conclusion.

Personally, I think she’s using the controversial fact that she’s an atheist defending Christianity to sell a load of horseshit.

*allegory (from Merriam-Webster): the expression by means of symbolic fictional figures and actions of truths or generalizations about human existence; also : an instance (as in a story or painting) of such expression

Creationism isn’t the truth.  Creationism is a fictional story to try to explain the truth.


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My daughter is in 6th grade.  Middle school.  Today she comes home, laughs, says “Look what I got!”, and flips this hideous orange pocket sized New Testament put out by the Gideons.

My first thought was to laugh it off.  Then she tells me that the principal made an announcement that people were outside handing out bibles and students were to treat them with respect.  I think he was probably trying to give the students the heads up that there were people outside handing out bibles and he probably couldn’t get rid of them.  Because you know they weren’t really on school property even though the school takes up the entire block.  How were they not on school property, you ask?  They were on the curb.

The curb is “public” property.

So far, what I can tell is that some people are bothered by this (probably mostly non-christians) and some are not.  I’m not really “out” to most of the people I know, yet I posted this concern on Facebook so it might turn rather interesting.

I’m still unsure as to how to proceed, or even if I should.  It pisses me off that a group would target kids instead of their parents, it’s downright creepy.  Especially in this area.  I hear of this happening in other places and never thought it would happen here, as we have a fairly diverse population.

The kicker is the introduction by the Gideons.  It has such gems as “…its histories are true” and  and that it (the bible) “…will condemn all who trifle with its sacred contents”.

I’m torn because I sort of want to make a formal complaint, but I really don’t think the principal was trying to condone it, just make sure the kids weren’t freaked to find people out there.  What would you do?

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Found at CharismaNewsOnline:

A New Jersey mosque is spearheading a national prayer rally in Washington, D.C., that organizers expect to attract tens of thousands of Muslims to pray for the soul of America.

Describing the event as the first-ever of its kind, leaders of Dar-ul-Islam in Elizabeth, N.J., expect 50,000 Muslims  from around the world to gather for the Sept. 25 rally being held on Capitol Hill.

Hassen Abdellah, president of Dar-ul-Islam, said the event, which begins at 1 p.m., will not include political speeches but will focus only on prayer.

You’d think the fact that we have a commie socialist godless president that the Christians would find this an opportune time to unite themselves with the Muslims for a common goal.

Yeah, right.  The response of the Christian conservatives was predictable.

Some Christians also are mobilizing to pray on that day. An e-mail circulating virally calls for Christians to oppose what they see as Islam’s growing influence on the U.S. through prayer.

Not that it’s surprising given where this article originated, but the comments are the typical fearmongering and arrogance you’d come to expect.  There is definitely a tone of Christianity being the one true religion, and even though it was stressed in the article that this is a peaceful protest:

Abdellah said he doesn’t understand why Christians would object to Muslims praying. “What is there to fear about that?” he said. “Nobody’s praying for any destruction? We’re praying for reconciliation and that people get along.”

the commenters are so full of Christ’s love that they are prepared for a holy war.  And people wonder why so many of us feel that religion isn’t just silly, but dangerous.

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