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I’ve moved

I know I haven’t been all that active here but I still want to express my opinion in a relatively safe place from time to time.  I was thinking about where and who I am and I felt like the title of this blog no longer reflects that.  I don’t doubt, I’m pretty firm in my non-belief.

The title also seems to have a slight negative sound to it so I created a new place on Blogger called AtheistAmy.  I may post a lot, I may post a little, but I’m going to try to post.  I’m also going to move some of my favorite posts from here over there.


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My mom told me, after a conversation with my SIL, that not only is my brother voting for McCain, but somehow it came out that they listen to the Focus on the Family broadcast.

On top of that, I really, really wish I could tell you what my nephew’s email address is.  Suffice it to say his indoctrination is taking very well.

It seems that I’m getting closer and closer to revealing my atheism to certain family members.  I haven’t yet, but I’m wondering if the next time I visit with my brother and his family, if something doesn’t pop out after listening to how they talk about god and religion.  Unfortunately, that’s probably what will happen.  I’ll probably be provoked (unknowingly by them) into revealing the full extent of my heathen-ism.

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Was in a session, and this person, who is big on the Seven Habits stuff, started poking around spiritual development.  They mentioned scheduling in church (we were working on schedules that week).  I said, we’re not the religious type.

There was a pause and he asked, “You don’t believe in anything?”.  And instead of getting all defensive, and in the interest of time,  I responded, “Nope, not really”.  We moved on from there, but for me it was kind of a milestone.  One where I simply stated where I stand on religion and we moved on.

I suppose I could could have gone on about  how I feel spirituality is totally separate from religion, but I’m paying the guy by the hour.

We basically left it at scheduling in meditation time for spirituality.

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I’m at the computer this morning when the doorbell rings.  Unusual because the mailman was already here and I’m not expecting anybody.  I answer the door and this lady tries to hand me something with a picture of Jesus on it inviting me to some Christian discussion group.

She seemed a bit perplexed when I pleasantly informed her we would not attend.  I hope when I called out “good luck” after her it didn’t sound snarky.

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I was raised Catholic but fairly recently came to realize that I am probably an atheist.   Religion was never something that really connected with me.  This year has been a journey of self-discovery for me, and what I discovered about myself surprised me a bit.  I’ve come to realize that I’m opinionated and starting to gain the confidence to express those opinions.  With that, I am trying to have the good judgment to know when to spout off and when to clam up.  Outside of my husband, my friends and family don’t know my stance on religion.  I’m not necessarily anti-religion, but I’ll be honest and tell you that the mention of god results in a visceral reaction, and not a good one.


Opinionated as I might be, I will never profess to be an expert at anything, be it politics, religion, or underwater basket weaving.  This blog is my opinion, you can disagree with it, but trying to change my opinion is quite like me trying to change yours…not likely to happen, so please don’t try.  What I write may not be cold hard facts.  If any facts are to be presented I will be quoting and linking to the original material and giving my opinion and reaction to those facts.  Please keep this in mind.  I know there are a minimum of two viewpoints to every issue.  Feel free to voice yours and disagree with mine, but please do it in a considerate manner.  Any drive-by comments that don’t contribute are at risk of deletion.  My blog, my decision.

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I was previously at doubtfuldaughter.blogspot.com.

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